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Trying Turmeric Cocoa and a Rambutan

This is a turmeric-ginger hot cocoa… What new things have you tried lately?

I’m just going to come out and say it: this week has tried to kick me while I’m down. But I would not fall. I found out some ugly truths, I went ahead and finished my to-do list anyway. I took care of myself and made dinner for my family. I turned inward and loved the things that deserve my attention and intention.

I also kept myself busy. I felt like crap and I rested when I needed to, but those moments that I was able? I pushed myself to do a little more for me… I made myself cleansing juices, I read chapters of my books, I wrote chapters for my book, I put on my makeup, I took a bath, I connected with friends.

One of the things I did was I went to Market Street and decided to pick up a random fruit on a whim. That would be the Rambutan that you see attached to the side of my cup. I peeled it with careful directions read from the internet by my stepdad who refused to even look at the eyeball-resembling fruit. No, it didn’t taste good. But the shell was cute, and I was proud of myself for trying something new.

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