Are You Better Yet?

It’s OK if the only thing you did today was BREATHE…

Just a spoonie out here connecting with other chronic illness warriors and fighting like hell each day.

  • Stuck in a Rut
    What's a Rut? There is a status quo of “suck” involved with living life with a chronic illness. Day in, day out, trapped in an unstable machine that your life revolves around. There’s a monotony to it: wake up, medicate, meditate, take care of doctors’ appointments, provide nourishment if the body will allow it, rest … Read more
  • How to Practice Standing
    I was talking to a friend the other day – and by talking, I mean messaging through social media, and by friend I mean a stranger that I’ve come to know online – and she told me that she was going to physical therapy to regain the use of her legs. POTS has made standing … Read more
  • Trying Turmeric Cocoa and a Rambutan
    This is a turmeric-ginger hot cocoa… What new things have you tried lately? I’m just going to come out and say it: this week has tried to kick me while I’m down. But I would not fall. I found out some ugly truths, I went ahead and finished my to-do list anyway. I took care … Read more
  • My POTS Diagnosis
    I had something big happen on Tuesday and I want to talk about it. I was giving myself some space to process it all when I found out about my husband’s affair/new relationship, so needless to say, I got sidetracked. I put my own stuff on the backburner to once again mourn something that I … Read more

About Me

Learn more about me, my chronic illnesses and what brought me to blogging.

Blood, Guts & Glory

Procedures, tests, emergency visits… they all run together after a while. But I want to go back and eventually put some of these experiences into words. This section is pending.

Highlights from Instagram

Sometimes I use Instagram like a blog and I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my captions. These memorable moments got the most likes!

Social Stigma

Out in the world. Oh, the things people say!

ICP Monitoring

Hospital stay for ICP monitoring. This was such a hard time for me.

The Chronic Illness Workbook

Learning strategies to handle this thing that we do everyday.